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Grooming your Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers do not require excessive grooming but on average you should brush your Affenpinscher twice a week and thoroughly groom him once a week.

Equipment Required

  • A good bristle brush
  • Grooming Spray
  • Metal Combs with two different widths of teeth
  • Small round edged scissors
  • Nail clippers
  • Ear cleaner
  • Toothbrush /dog toothpaste
  • Dog shampoo
  • Rubber mat for bath

Assemble all your equipment, decide where you want to groom your Affen, tables are good as you don’t need to stoop but make sure he can’t slip and you have time to complete your grooming. If you are just brushing your dog it is easy to have him on your lap but you must decide what is most comfortable for you and your dog.

  1. Spray your affens’ coat with a good grooming spray, this will make it easier for the brush to go through the coat. Using your bristle brush brush the coat through making sure you include the tummy and under the front legs.
  2. Using your wide tooth comb and paying particular attention to the coat behind the ears, between the back legs and under the ‘armpits’ comb your affens’ coat through. Repeat the process using the finer tooth comb. This ensures that all the dead hair is removed. Should you find a tangle or knot NEVER just pull with the comb, imagine how you would feel. Take hold of the knot just above the skin and gently tease it with the end of the comb, gradually breaking it up. If the knot is large it may take a little time, you can of course cut the knot out with your round edged scissors.
  3. The hair around your boys’ penis should be trimmed to keep it clean. Do not cut it too close to the body as this will make him itch, should this happen rub some baby powder over the area. Girls should have the hair around their vulva trimmed again to keep clean and avoid infection. The hair around the anus of both sexes should be trimmed for the same reason.
  4. Trim your affens’ nails with a small nail clipper just tipping the end of each nail. Unfortunately affens have black nails and it is almost impossible to see the quick which is extreemly painful if you catch it and will bleed profusly. Should this happen you can apply a powdered preparation, such as Sure Clot sold by Bio Groom which will stop the bleeding almost immediately.Don’t forget the dew claws and pay particular attention to the front feet as they do not wear down as quickly due to their unique front movement.
  5. Next your Affens’ feet. They should be cat like so using your scissors trim neatly around the base of the foot then following the foot upwards cut the hair at about 45* to the foot. This will give a neat finish.
  6. The ears should be small so using scissors trim the hair on the edge of the ear leather as close as possible following the shape of the ear. Always check inside the ear and wipe over with ear cleaner and cotton wool. Any stray hair should be plucked out using your fingers. Should there be a black discharge in the ear canal the chances are the there are ear mites present. These need to be treated by a vet because if left can cause infection and considerable irritation to your Affen.
  7. If you imagine the shape of a carrot that is the shape your Affens’ tail should be. Starting from the base of the tail trim forward to the tip tapering to a point at the end.
  8. Bathing your Affen. Always use a dog shampoo, this ensures the correct ph value for your dogs skin. Try and find one that doesn’t contain chemicals. On average you should bath your Affen every eight to ten weeks, if of course he prefers eau de fox or horse you will have to do it more often!! Wet the coat thoroughly using warm water. Dilute the shampoo in a jug then using a sponge apply the shampoo to the coat gently rubbing it in. Doing it this way saves water and shampoo and ensures even distribution of the shampoo. Repeat the process again making sure you thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of the coat. Towel dry and if you can use a hair dryer to get the coat dry quickly. A wet Affen will get cold very quickly. NEVER LEAVE YOUR AFFENPINSCHER UNATTENDED IN THE BATH.
  9. Cleaning your Affens’ teeth is very important but not that easy. If your Affen is fed raw bones you will probably not need to be so fastidious. Using a small toothbrush and ONLY dog toothpaste, human toothpaste is poisonous to dogs, gently brush the teeth making sure you get to the back teeth. You should try and brush your dogs teeth two or three times a week.

Remember that grooming your Affen is also a health check as well as a beauty regime and should be special time for you and your friend.