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12th October 2007

The copy for Tips on Showing your first affenpinscher is now up - Thanks to all the members who have provided copy for the site so far and continue to help to make the site a real club affair!!

Thought member might enjoy this link to Wiki with a photo of Evalyn Walsh McLean with her two very early Affenpinschers - (scroll down to see the photo!)

11th October 2007

The new copy for the Monkey Business section has been put up.

Remember that the closing date for adverts and christmas greetings in Monkey Business is 15th October (set by the new printing company so not extendable) so get your copy to Denise by then please.

9th October 2007

Things may have seemingly gone a little quiet over the weekend but we are doing behing the scenes nuts and bolts stuff of building the templates, which will unify the site and make putting up information much easier and quicker.

The Club Championship show was on Sunday and we are awaiting a copy of the catalogue to put up the results, although this is a little delayed due to the postal strike.

Thanks to all members for their positive feedback and input so far - it is very much appreciated!

5th October 2007

The judging area of the site has been worked on today, adding the pages for judging list, criteria etc.

4th October 2007

Today we have been working on "the club" area of the website, creating pages for history, membership and future events. We have also reinstated the puppy list for members (in the services list of the club page) so let us know if you have a litter you would like to be advertised.

3rd October 2007

The Kennel Club breed standard for the affenpinscher has been added today.

2nd October 2007

The breed history page is now live, as well as the links page. If any members would like to link with the new site then get in touch. There is a small yearly fee charged which helps to fund the hosting space, domain maintainence fees etc. and certainly increases the number of hits to the linked sites as this site is the top rated site on both UK google and yahoo for affenpinscher!

Thanks to the members for their contributions so far. Keep letting us know what you think.

1st October 2007

The new website design launched. After about 4 weeks in the basic design and programming of the new site (and some major technical problems!!) it is now live. I will be constructing and putting pages up in "real time" so that members can have some input in the content of the site and can contribute ideas, photos and actual content if they wish. There is still a lot of "nuts and bolts" work to be done on formatting etc but I hope this can also be done whilst still having a live site.