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The Affenpinscher Club Seminars

A2 Assessments

The Affenpinscher Club hold an A2 assessment once a year, usually in Nov or Jan, for judges who wish to proceed onto the A2 list. To be considered for the A2 list, Judges must fulfil all the requirements for the A3 list and have been assessed in accordance with the Kennel Club requirements and accepted by the Kennel Club for inclusion on the A2 list and have the support of the Affenpinscher Club.

Candidates have a brief talk on the Affenpinscher breed standard and then have a short multiple choice questionaire on the standard. They are then required to judge a class of Affenpinschers, just as they would at a show and place them in order of merit. This is done in front of three assessors. The assessors have already been over the Affenpinschers and noted their qualities.

After placing their dogs the candidates retire to a private area to write a critique on their first three placings. Candidates are required to place the Affenpinschers in their class in the correct order and are also assessed on their ring procedure.

Refreshements and lunch are provided. An informal session follows with many Affenpinschers of all ages for candidates to look at, go over and discuss. DVD's of past shows are available for viewing. Although this assessment can be quite stressful for the candidates the organisers do their best to keep things as relaxed as possible.

Breed Specific Seminar

The Affenpinscher Club also hold a breed specific seminar bi-annually, this is again for people interested in judging the breed, although anybody interested in the breed would be welcome,

The seminar usually starts with a talk on the breed standard, ten or so Affenpinscher enthusiasts man a table each and bring several of their Affenpinschers for people to go over and discuss. These discussions can be quite frank and cover the individual Affenpinschers' good and not so good points. The seminars are very interesting and we all come home having learnt something. If you don't plan to judge but intend to breed Affenpinschers these seminars would still be very useful as you will need to be able to critique your own breeding stock, and prospective stud dogs.

Refeshments and lunch are provided on the day.