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The Affenpinscher Club Championship Show

Sunday 7th October 2007

Judge John W Turner

Thank you for the superb entry waiting for me and the wonderful hospitality of the club. Also, special thanks to Mr and Mrs Chasterton for looking after me so well and keeping the ring running smoothly. I was delighted with all my principal winners and in the Open Bitch I could have awarded 5 CC’s.

My overall opinion is that the breed has deteriorated from 2 years ago when I last awarded CC’s. This I hope is constructive criticism that heads are big and ears stick out like aeroplane wings, not neat and on top, muzzles long and giving a poor expression losing the cheeky monkey wicked look required. Movement is so poor, pinning, in close at the back, and size is up and down. Surely we now have a big enough gene pool to select the best stock from to produce sound well constructed animals of the 11 inch size that moves correctly. Careful thought is needed in my opinion which way the breed is going. My final comment is that dogs should be clean and well presented. Yes it’s a black dog with a harsh coat. Bath it 4 or 5 days before to get its coat back to correct texture. This is just my opinion and others may disagree with me.

Minor puppy dog (4) 1 abs

1st McGill. Wintercloud Hector. Smart young puppy, exquisite head, cheeky expression, dark eye, neat ears. Wonderful body shape and make. Moved well

2nd Beale. Jarube Knight To Remember. Similar type puppy, ears not so well placed, good harsh coat, moved ok. Slightly longer cast.

Puppy dog (5) 1 abs

1st Todhunter. Pennington Prince Michael. Spectacular most promising young man, absolutely adored him. Superb type, most beautiful appealing head, well constructed body, harsh coat, wonmderful sound mover. Future champion in the making. BPIS.

2nd Oakden. Attila Triffic Trevor. Old fashioned type, sound throughout, moved with purpose.

Special junior dog (2)

1st Carlyle. Induna Tommy Tucker. At the in between stage being only 15 months, has all the essentials just needs time.

2nd Moore. Crazydays Going For Gold At Affenbully. Very much old fashioned type, slightly larger in build, nice dog.

Junior dog (3)

1st Wiggins. Kilbarchan’s Xtra Copy For Scapafield. Sweet head and expression, making a good shape on the move. Neat ears in the correct place. Very promising youngster.

2nd Carlyle. Induna Tommy Tucker.

Yearling dog (1)

1st Shepherd. Darkle Shabby Chic. Not happy today on the move, otherwise fair type of dog. Pleasing to go over.

Tyro dog (4) 1 abs

1st Beale. Jarube Knight To Remember.

2nd Radford. Attila See No Evil. Good head and eye, not keeping his top line on the move. Ears not high set enough, good in front assembly.

Graduate dog (2)

1st Beale. Jarube Sir Lamorack. Compact dog, stood making a good shape, typey head, moved with purpose.

2nd Hill. Scalene Missed Arrival. Lighter built dog, well put together, sound when moving.

Post graduate dog (6)

1st Harvey & McEvoy. Kilbarchan’s Master Copy. Loved his head and type. Wicked expression, again neat ears, making a good overall impression.

2nd Checkett. Harmanisam’s Art Romeo. Pleasant dog, sound moving, good in front and back. Harsh jacket, well presented, tail a bit tight.

Mid limit dog (4) 1 abs

1st Boulcott. Ingerdorm Scrumbtious jw. Both these dogs are of good type. Correct head and expression, mature body, harsh jacket, moved soundly with style.

2nd Harvey. Kilbarchan’s Rare Copy. Not quite the expression of 1, but had a naughty look about him. Jaw well turned up, tail held correctly on the move.

Limit Dog (9)

1st Gruninger. Darkle Double Tongued. 2nd Mcevoy. Carmichan Kit-N-Caboodle For Balata jw. Liked both of these quality boys, wonderful type, good choice in this class. The first dog moved better than the second, both carrying good harsh black jackets. .

Open dog (9) 1 abs

My notes say fantastic class.

1st McEvoy. Ch Balata Rite Bobby Dazzler. This boy has improved since I last judged him looking every inch a worthy champion. Fabulous type head, carried himself with class and panache round the ring. Delighted to give the CC, BOS & RBIS.

2nd Gruninger. Ch Downsbank TattieBogle With Marchog. Another from the top draw, always admired this dog. Again one of true type and very sound, had to settle for the RCC 1st being on such form.

Veteran dog (4) 1 abs

1st Gruninger. Ch Darkle Devil May Care. Well deserved Ch and stud dog, has produced some good offspring, still maintains his many qualities. Pleased to award him BVIS.

2nd Warrington. Ir Ch Ingerdorm Monkey Doodle At Bolmacs. A favourite of mine but the 1st just had the edge. Perfect size and fits the standard, lovely lad.

Minor puppy bitch (7) 3 abs

1st Edwards. Roxilyn Just Miss Behaving. These 2 are very smart youngsters. !st has the most appealing head and is so wicked when she looks at you. Sound throughout, one for the future. BOSP

2nd Gill. Dark Dee Lite At Florindale. Another with quality from head to toe. Sound on the move, very showy and all in the right places.

Puppy bitch (9) 1 abs

1st Hayes. Attila Zero Tolerance. This one’s got a good turn up & demon expression. Confident, smart and sound. Liked her a lot.

2nd Pirrie. Mimosa Of Riogaioch. Old fashioned type with all the essentials I was looking for, size shape type and sassy on the move.

Special junior bitch (4) 1 abs

1st Hayes. Attila Urban Clash. Sound happy & appealing. Slightly longer cast, tail could be set higher.

2nd Boulcott & Stewart. Rosara Rock Star At Ingerdorm. Not the expression of the 1st, put together well.

Junior bitch (7) 2 abs

1st Kemeny. Linsgift Lincathmor Avina Laugh. Old fashioned type, honest, sound. Like looking back in time, of dogs from this breeder. Lovely bitch.

2nd Teasdale. Schon Madchen Of Tonsarne. As always from this kennel the type one would expect, both much of the same style, liked her a lot.

Yearling bitch (4)

1st Wiggins. Carmichan Lucy Lastic With Scapafield. This one had what I was looking for, size shape movement, lots to like.

2nd Mumby. Kilbarchan’s Exclusive Copy For Carmichan jw. Not the same type as the 1st. Tail a bit low set, moved true fore and aft.

Tyro bitch (4) 1 abs

1st Boulcott & Stewart. Rosara Rock Star At Ingerdorm. Smart girl, right for size and type, happy on the move.

2nd Downs. Stopford Furry Nuff. Reasonable type bitch with a fair expression, well presented, movement ok.

Graduate bitch (5) 2 abs

1st Amner & Shepherd. Woomera Lily Of The Valley. Well presented lady, typey, sound and put together well.

2nd Downs. Stopford Furry Nuff.

Post graduate bitch (7) 1 abs

1st Amner & Shepherd. Woomera Lily Of The Valley.

2nd Hill. Scalene Tuber. Neat package, had all the essentials required, style, black coat of texture, made correct and true on the move.

Mid limit bitch (7)

1st Teasdale. Tonsarne Idle Gossip. 2nd Warrington. Bolmacs Black Sapphire jw. Both 1st & 2nd are of excellent quality. I loved both of these and it was a close decision for 1st & 2nd. Super heads shape and make.

Limit bitch (3)

1st Mumby. Carmichan All That Jazz. Fits the bill my notes say in all departments A joy to handle and watch, I adore her.

2nd Wiggins. Roxilyn Just Josephina With Scapafield. Bigger type bitch overall but has many of the same virtues as above, always liked her.

Open bitch (10) 1 abs

What a headache of a class. I would have awarded a CC to any of the first 5 in this class. The quality in my opinion lies in the bitches.

1st Edwards. Ch Roxilyn Just For Jo jw. Top draw stuff, not many bitches come up to her standard. Excels in type, perfect for size. I have adored her from the first time I saw her. Oozes quality. CC. BOB. BIS. Could not deny her anything today, deserves all she has achieved for the breed. Just owned the ring, stormed round.

2nd Todhunter. Pennington Periwinkle. I liked this one when I first competed against her. Developed into another class act. Quality shines through. Delighted to award her the RCC. Well deserved just could not pip the 1st on such a performance as she gave today.

Veteran bitch (3)

1st Mumby. Ch Ingerdorm Peggety At Carmichan. I gave this one her third CC, still remains the little gem she is. Quality retained in her veteran years.

2nd McEvoy. Ch Darkle Demi Monde At Balata. Champion I have always liked. Super for type and fits the bill exactly. Lovely pair of bitches.

Stud dog (3)

1st Mumby. Ch Carmichan Jazzy Jet JW. Quality group, passes on his shape type & style. Lovely bunch. Stamps his mark.

2nd Gruninger. Ch Darkle Devil May Care. Not quite such an even group but good for type style and size, you can see who Dad is.

Full show results available here