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The Champflower Trophy

The Champflower Trophy is a memorial to Mrs Miriam Dickinson who was the Affenpinscher Club's first secretary. It consists of a portrait in pastels of Miriam's favourite affenpinscher, Shelbor Schwarz Spinne von Chamflower,which the winner keeps for a year. 'Affie' as he was affectionately known, made breed history by being the first affenpinscher to go BIS at an all breeds open show. The trophy is an invitation event awarded at the AGM, the adjudicator traditionally being someone who has previously judged a club show. Dogs eligible to compete are all CC winners in the previous year plus BOB and BOS at the club open show. All eligible dogs will receive an invitation from the club committee.

Champflower Trophy Winners

1987 - Furstin Miraculous Conception (D) - Judge Angela Matthews

1988 - Schwarz Sarah at Scapafield (B) - Judge Wendy Neal

1989 - Cransbere Musette (B) - Priscilla Berman

1990 - Ch Tonsarne Aristotle at Essandsee (D) - Judge Ann Argyle

1991 - Ch Last Edition at Furstin (D) - Judge Mike Oliver

1992 - Ch Coalacre Effigy (D) - Judge Ena North

1993 - Ch Sunspot Baby of Ingerdorm (B)- Judge Neal Harker Brogan

1994 - Ch Last Edition at Furstin (D) - Judge Linda McGill

1995 - Ch Tonsarne Aristotle at Essandsee (D) - Judge Toni Teasdale

1996 - Ch Northrise Ben Sarek (D) - Judge Carole Mumby

1997 - Ch Kilbarchan's First Edition (D) - Judge Sally Tomlinson

1998 - Ch Kilbarchan's First Edition (D) - Judge Jeni Wiggins

1999 - Ch Tonsarne Front Runner (D) - Judge Eike Herold

2000 - Ch Cransbere Kindamagic at Bodebi (D) - Judge Lesley Tomlinson

2001 - Ch Furstin Opportune Moment (B) - Judge Annette Oliver-Wyles

2002 - Ch Furstin Opportune Moment (B) - Judge Vanessa Cox

2003 - Furstin Never Say Never at Kilbarchan (D) - Judge Delia Shepherd

2004 - Ch Caralean Pipes and Drums (D) - Judge Christine Macfarlane

2005 - Ch Roxilyn Just for Jo (B) - Judge Jackie Reader

2006 - Ch Riogaioch Illusion (B) - Judge Val Kemeny

2007 - Ch Balata Rite Bobby Dazzler (D) - Judge Tom Mather

2008 - Kilbarchan's Exclusive Copy For Carmichan JW ShCM(B)- Judge Howard Ogden