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Club History

Club History

(from left to right - unknown, Angela Matthews, Miriam Dickinson, Jeni Wiggins, Mr Smith, Audrey Smith, Linda McGill, Toni Teasdale, Wendy Hines, Wendy Boorer, Len Burrows)

After the breed had been in Britain for about 6 years and there were a few more devotees a meeting was organised at U.K. Toydog Ch, Show in April 1981 where the seeds were sown for the formation of a breed club.   The next hurdle was to get the requisite 25 founder members before application could be made to the Kennel Club for recognition.   In fact, 34 founder members signed up so in November of the same year an inaugural meeting was held at Wendy Boorer's home in Highgate, London.   The late Miriam Dickinson was appointed Hon. Secretary of the proposed club with Toni Teasdale as Treasurer.   The Affenpinscher Club was registered by the Kennel Club in 1982 and has been caring for the interests of the breed since that time.

Miriam Dickinson should have judged Affenpinschers at the Welsh Kennel Club in August 1985 but it was not to be;   she died in her sleep the night before.   Exhibitors were shocked when the tragic news reached the benches.    An emergency meeting was held at the show and Toni Teasdale, who was the Treasurer at the time, became Acting Secretary. At the following AGM Toni was confirmed as Secretary, a position she still holds, and Wendy Seath was appointed Treasurer.   Currently the Treasurer is Jane Horwood.

The Affenpinscher Club held its first Open Show in April 1984 and in 1992, ten years after Kennel Club registration, championship status was granted and the Club's first Ch. Show was held that year.   Both these 'first' shows were judged by our then President, the late Mrs. Ann Argyle. Currently the Club runs two shows a year - an Open show in February and a Ch. Show in October.   Other activities include the annual Garden Party in Surrey, seminars and one-off events from time to time.   The Club has a Judges Training Scheme that is run on a one to one basis tailored for those who are interested seriously in judging the Affenpinscher and also for those who may wish to improve their knowledge of the breed.

The Club's prize winning newsletter, 'Monkey Business', is published three times a year and is automatically sent to Club members.   Dee Hayes, the Editor, tries to have an eclectic mix of articles to reflect the membership.

This year membership continues to grow as interest in the Affenpinscher increases.   The Club welcomes anyone who has an interest in the breed whether they own an Affenpinscher or not.  

For further information contact the Secretary.