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About the Club

Founded in 1982 by a handful of enthusiasts, the Affenpinscher club has gone from strength to strength, with a wide ranging membership of pet owners, exhibitors, breeders and friends.

The Club's main objectives are no different to those of the majority of breed clubs, promoting the breeding of pedigree affenpinschers, maintaining breed type and advancing the interests of the breed for future generations of Affenpinscher enthusiasts.

KC General Code of Ethics

The Club remit includes to actively inform through education and events its prospective and current membership about responsible ownership and breeding, as well as assisting in the development of those interested in judging the breed at whatever level. The welfare of the the breed is an overriding concern. There are a number of established yearly club events with new events being tried and if successful added to the calendar. The club produces a number of breed publications which are updated and hopefully improved upon on a regular basis.

The Affenpinscher Club publishes three newsletters, runs a variety of activites including a Garden Party in Surrey, an Open Show and a Championship Show each year as well as seminars and workshops and welcomes anyone interested in the breed. You need not own an Affenpinscher to join but we cannot guarantee that you will not succumb to their charms in time.

The ongoing services provided by the club to its membership include:

Monkey Business



Club Shop

Puppy List

There are also numerous activities run by the club annually which are open to everyone including:

Breed Seminar

Club Open Show

Club Championship Show

Champflower Trophy Competition

Puppy Competition

Garden Party

Photographic Competition

Discover Dogs (Earls Court and Crufts)

The club is administered by an elected committee of nine club members of at least 1 full year standing. They are elected by the membership annualy and ANY member who has been a member for a full year can be proposed and stand for election.

Current Committee 2012/13

The Affenpinscher Club, like all official KC affiliated clubs, has a number of club rules to be observed in the judicious running of the club.

Club Rules